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China’s Experience and Challenges in Developing and Supervising FinTech | SFF 2020

In the global FinTech industry, China is one of the undisputed thought leaders with one of the largest and most advanced FinTech ecosystem. As the FinTech revolution continues to gather momentum in China, it has reshaped digital payments, reimagined insurance, and enhanced financial inclusion. The Covid-19 pandemic has further shone the spotlight on the importance and the role of FinTech in China’s response to contain the spread of the coronavirus. In the recent years, the pace of tech adoption is clearly accelerating in the financial sector, by both traditional financial institutions and FinTech firms to provide better financial services. However, there are important challenges that needed to be overcome by many countries, including data protection and data sharing, innovation and supervision, anti-discrimination and ethical use of AI. Join us in this session to understand the regulator’s perspective of the FinTech revolution in China, and how does the regulator seek to maintain market stability, while encouraging financial innovation.

Speaker: Guo Shuqing, Chairman , China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

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