SFF 2022

Aristotle and Aurelius: What ancient philosophers can teach modern entrepreneurs

Yunus Sevimli
Co- founder & Chief Technology Officer
Almond FinTech

In this talk, Yunus tells us what he learned through the great writings of the Roman and Greek thinkers and philosophers, that may be relevant for entrepreneurs. For example, anticipating obstacles and thinking of them as part of the journey.

Yunus is the co-founder and CTO of Almond FinTech. His work centres around promoting equitable access to technology across a breadth of fields.

Prior to Almond, Yunus held leadership roles in early-stage ventures commercialising cutting-edge medical research, and devised low-tech approaches to poverty alleviation in rural Southeast Asia. He is the author of several patents and scientific papers across medtech, additive manufacturing and robotics.

Yunus holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has recently been named among the 30 and Under Fintech Leaders in Singapore.

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