FinTech in its Element: Water, Metal, Fire, Wood, Earth | SFF 2022

03/11/2022 | Slides by Ravi Menon, Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The question is often asked: does Singapore want to be a crypto asset hub?
If a crypto hub is about experimenting with programmable money, yes we want to be a crypto hub.
If it is about applying digital assets for use cases like atomic settlement, yes we want to be a crypto hub.
If it is about tokenising real and financial assets to increase efficiency and reduce risks in financial transactions, yes we want to be a crypto hub.
But if it is about trading and speculating in cryptocurrencies, that is not the kind of crypto hub we want to be.”

Mr. Ravi Menon delivered the keynote for the Singapore FinTech Festival, 3 November 2022, outlining Singapore’s vision for being a crypto-currency hub.

Download the presentation, click to read the whole speechor click to view the full video recording of Mr Menon’s presentation.