Digital for 100: Harnessing technology for longer lifespans

17/01/2023 | Insights by Prudential Singapore

Digital for 100: Harnessing technology for longer lifespans and employee wellbeing

As part of Prudential Singapore’s agenda in helping people live longer and more fulfilling lives, the Ready for 100 research series was developed in 2018 to understand how ready Singapore citizens are to the age of 100. With digital technology being more prevalent in the lives of Singapore citizens, Prudential Singapore embarked on a sixth edition to the series – Digital for 100.

Conducted by the Economist Impact, Digital for 100 is a two-part research, examining on the role of digital tools in managing personal health and finance as well as supporting business operations and employees in the face of increasing life expectancy. Read more to find out how Singapore residents use digital technology to manage different aspects of their life as they age, and how companies are planning to meet the digital demands of their employees.

The insights expressed in this report are by Prudential Singapore and do not reflect the view of Elevandi.

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