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Project Savannah: Maximising the potential of digital ESG credentials for MSMEs

"Project Savannah – Maximising the potential ESG credentials for MSMEs" documents roundtable discussions at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 among regulators, policymakers, industry leaders, and NGOs on the topic of facilitating ESG data disclosure by MSMEs. Moderated by Antony Ruddenklau of KPMG International, the roundtable explored challenges faced by MSMEs in digitalization and ESG reporting. Project Savannah, a global initiative by UNDP, MAS, and GLEIF, aims to provide basic ESG digital credentials for MSMEs, addressing challenges through its three pillars: Metrics, Technology, and Opportunities.

Discussions revealed pressing issues, including resource constraints, technological challenges, and the absence of standardised reporting frameworks. Participants emphasised trust, transparency, and the crucial role of green financing in supporting MSMEs. The need for a common framework was highlighted, considering regional and sector-specific variations. The report concludes with a resounding call for collective efforts, collaboration, and renewed commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable growth for MSMEs.