Point Zero Forum

An invite-only annual platform where policymakers and Financial Technology impact makers meet together to deep-dive into critical issues and challenges in advancing various areas of financial innovation. The Forum facilitates a path to resolve such challenges and get the necessary alignment with regulators to ensure safe and responsible progress.

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21 – 23 June 2022 Zürich, Switzerland

Point Zero Forum is an exclusive invite-only, in-person gathering of select global leaders, founders and investors with the purpose of:

Developing new ideas to advance the Future of Financial Services (FOFS) – decentralised finance and Web 3.0, embedded finance and sustainable finance.

Driving investment activity by bringing together leading founders with VCs, private banking clients, family offices and PE houses

Dissecting regulatory considerations related to each FOFS development by bringing together public and private sector leaders

What’s the Point Zero Forum all about?

Learn more from Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Key Takeaways from PZF


Current market conditions, combined with likely increased regulation, create increasingly challenging times for Web3 players. However, this also represents an opportunity to build innovative companies that focus on utility in the real economy, and not speculation;

As a function of transitory and persistent shocks, there is significant inflationary pressure and central banks are taking forceful actions to prevent the price/wage spiral. Despite tightening monetary policy, inflation is not expected to come down to levels we have seen in the past. However, technology can be used to increase efficiencies and reduce costs;

Trust as a key theme came up frequently – besides compliance basics (Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering), there is a need for crypto players to create and sustain trust across all participants (users, regulators, policymakers, and traditional players);

Decentralised finance (DeFi) use cases span from custody to tokenisation of securities, and it is a space where traditional financial institutions are actively taking part, working with regulators to make the activities safer. Innovation and use cases will continue, but we will also see checks and balances created to ensure safety similar to traditional finance (e.g., regulatory capital/liquidity requirements); and

The space is fast maturing – Web3 operators are accepting regulatory oversight particularly when it comes to retail and institutional client protection. DeFi trading infrastructure proved its robustness during the bear market and is providing features similar to traditional trading. As the market matures, traditional and Web3 investors are both actively looking at investing in the opportunity – both central and peripheral.

Sustainable Finance

Reversing the impact of fossil fuel usage over the past 250,00 years requires concerted actions by the public and private sectors. Private sector capital is essential to finance the transition to net-zero; however, asset managers (with typically the highest assets under management) have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to appropriately manage risk and returns. Therefore, current climate investment opportunities need to be materially de-risked for the private sector investors to play a substantial role in the transition;Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is top of mind for corporate leaders, regulators, policymakers, and activists. However, global alignment is required on (a) what data to focus on, (b) how to access the data, and (c) how to incorporate the data in decision making. Having data that is transparent, accessible and credible is essential in ensuring that ESG goals are accurately assessed and met; and

There is a clear trend of using finance and technology (including Web3) to meet sustainability goals, particularly in conservation finance. Activists are working in close concert with investors, financiers and technologists to scale existing and new tools and technologies to address climate change.

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25 Sustainability Insights

PZF Takeways by Irene Arias Hofman
(CEO, IDB Lab)

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Three days of in-depth plenary sessions, deep-dive private roundtables and workshops, and exclusive sessions between founders and investors. The Forum will focus on two significant new market opportunities built on Web 3.0 architecture:

The Tokenisation Market Opportunity
Sessions will cover Crypto and Token assets, digital asset infrastructure, digital exchanges, internet of value, and embedded financial services

The Sustainable Finance Opportunity
Sessions will cover ESG strategies, Market solutions, and ESG Infrastructure.

21 JUNE 2022
Innovation Tours (Password available in attendee email), Investor Summit by Elevandi Connects (Investors only), Speakers Dinner (Speakers only)
22 JUNE 2022
Tokenisation, Industry Networking Party (in partnership with iCapital)
23 JUNE 2022
Sustainable Finance & FinTech Leaders Series

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A unique collaboration between the State Secretariat for International Finance Matters SIF and Elevandi, an
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