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The Elevandi Insights Forum leverages invite-only, long-form roundtables under Chatham House rules to enable a meaningful dialogue and to drive actionable outcomes between the public and private sectors. Each roundtable is curated alongside an anchor regulator or policymaker.

Each roundtable is purposefully curated to drive actionable outcomes, such as a whitepaper, a working group or the announcement of a commitment.

It’s a platform for:

  • Policymakers to receive feedback from the industry on the rollout of regulatory frameworks, gain learnings from other regulators on implementation, pilots and live usage.
  • Industry leaders to engage in dialogue with regulators and showcase best-in-class use cases

Going Global in 2023

Public-Private Roundtables,

June 2023


Public-Private Roundtables,

June 2023


Public-Private Roundtables,

November 2023


2022 Partners


2023 Programme

Inclusive FinTech Forum
(20-22 June, Kigali, Rwanda)

  • National FinTech policies and strategies enabling financial inclusion
  • Implementation strategy for funding and deployment of digital public goods
  • Key Lessons from digital lending: How to sustain and scale an affordable and inclusive digital lending product
  • The FinTech licensing roundtable
  • Growing Financial Gap – Insurance and Pension plans for the low or middle-income and informal workforce
  • Capital market infrastructure for emerging markets

Point Zero Forum
(26-28 June, Zürich, Switzerland)

  • Stablecoins
  • Tokenisation of real-world assets and digital native assets
  • Wholesale CBDCs
  • Solving privacy and cyber issues of CBDC
  • SME financing via programmable money and tokenisation
  • Sustainability and green data infrastructure
  • Sustainability, focussing on technologies
  • AI in the FinTech sector

Singapore FinTech Festival
(15-17 November, Singapore)

To be released soon

Key innovation hubs got established firmly and globally – Singapore, New York, London, Berlin, and Hong Kong emerged as centres of choice. These centres attract innovators, talent, and capital, which helps create greater employment and economic growth.

Two key participants of the changing financials services ecosystem, namely Innovators and Investors, engaged actively through this phase, propelling innovation, challenging status quo, and winning early adopters.

Equity investment in FinTechs has raised a compelling $1Tn since 2010 across ~35,000 deals[1], with the majority raised in the past 5 years. Innovators were able to see their solutions mature as adoption continued to widen, helped in no small part by timely regulatory facilitation e.g., through launch of sandboxes, and by creating new-age challengers e.g., issuing of new digital bank licences.

However, not unexpectedly, this exponential growth and adoption of technological innovation, has also introduced new types of risks, both to end-consumers and only in small part, as yet, to the overall stability of the financial system. This, alongside the urgent need to address critical risks like from climate, has caused regulatory challenges.

The next few years are set to be pivotal to our ability to survive, and thrive. Hence, it is now critical that an open, active and direct dialogue begins to take place between investors and policymakers, that channels the innovators’ focus and competencies in areas that matter most.

The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue will enable capital providers to understand and influence regulatory direction, sooner and better. Concurrently, regulators too will be able to understand and supervise new business models sooner. Ultimately, regulators are able to better answer – what, when and how to regulate so that innovation thrives, capital thrives and so does humanity.

Exceptional Insights

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